Appellate & Litigation Support

Rubin Paterniti Gonzalez Kaufman LLP provides written and oral advocacy in the substantive areas of law in which the firm practices at every phase of litigation. Our appellate attorneys have briefed and argued countless appeals, and have handled a wide range of general and commercial litigation matters in state and federal trial and appellate courts, including professional liability, medical malpractice, products liability, commercial matters, contract disputes, and catastrophic property and casualty loss. Our appellate attorneys leverage their expertise and regularly provide objective analysis and litigation strategy to primary and excess insurance carriers at the inception of a litigation. To that end our attorneys promote an issues agenda and optimally position the client for a favorable outcome at trial, and consequently maximize the client’s chances of success through post-trial practice and appeal. Our experienced team of appellate attorneys manage each matter with strategic narrowing of issues, addressing preservation of error during jury selection, trial, complex jury charges and verdict interrogatories, as well as well-planned pre-trial, trial and post-trial motion practice.

Successful litigation requires constant vigilance of a myriad of issues that arise at every stage of the life of a case. It also requires careful, technical attention to crucial, time-sensitive post-trial matters, including TROs, supersedeas, pre- and post-verdict interest and collateral source hearings and considerations, as well as cutting-edge collateral source litigation. Our ‘total package’ litigation management profile offers enormous value to our clients and includes the following services:

  • Litigation strategy and developing an issues agenda to optimize success on appeal or to avoid appeal.
  • Preparation of pre-trial motions, trial briefs, and oral argument on complex legal issues.
  • Trial consulting and monitoring to assist in timely and complete preservation of the trial record with the goal to maximize the odds of success in the event of an appeal.
  • Post-trial evaluation through identification of appellate issues and timely preparation of post-trial motions and legal memoranda.
  • Preparation of appellate briefs and oral argument.
  • Strategic planning in preparation for all types of alternative dispute resolution, including private mediations, arbitrations and court-mandated settlement conferencing.
  • Trial strategy consultations.
  • Amicus curiae appearances representing clients of virtually all sizes, industry groups and special interests in impact appellate litigation.

With the myriad of complex legal matters our clients are often faced with, having an appellate specialist every step of the way as close to case inception as possible is sound risk management. Clients sometimes also engage our appellate specialists after there is an adverse verdict or at the threat of an appeal following a favorable result. At that stage, engaging our dedicated appellate specialists is critical, and when it involves a matter handled by another firm at trial, a fresh, sober assessment of risk versus reward is essential.