General Liability Defense

Rubin Paterniti Gonzalez Kaufman LLP brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to bear on property and casualty losses for our clients. Our attorneys represent a multitude of clients large and small in third-party claims involving often catastrophic losses, including wrongful death, property, Dram Shop, premises and premises security matters. Understanding early exposure and working closely with medical experts, economists and other professionals who understand the myriad of claims brought by personal injury litigants, we take an early and proactive approach to mounting the best possible defenses and loss mitigation.

Our attorneys are also skilled in representing clients in the complex arena of product liability litigation. In a wide array of commercial products, we defend clients in claims alleging manufacturing, design and warnings defects, medical devices and drugs, as well as warranty claims. Our clients include product manufacturers, designers, as well as downstream entities involved in sales, distribution and leasing. In every instance, the driving force behind our successes in defending complex product liability claims is our commitment to acquiring a deep understanding of our client’s products and business practices to develop a precise, laser-focused strategy for defending and resolving claims in a cost-effective, practical manner. The firm is adept at leveraging the right team of attorneys, and from inception of the litigation or retention, immediately deploying measures to position matters for early successes or, where necessary, aggressive defense through trial and appeal. Our focus on early-stage framing of complex factual and legal issues through aggressive discovery and pre-trial motion practice helps to ensure that our clients are optimally positioned to defend lower court successes or obtain positive relief on appeal.